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The Healthy Vegan Lifestyle

What is a Vegan? Generally vegans are vegetarians with some minor differences. Vegans, aside from eating meat, fish, poultry and eggs, they do not also use products that are made from animals or were tested on animals such as cosmetics and drugs. Some people choose a vegan lifestyle for several health reasons but the main issue here is: Is a vegan lifestyle healthy?

With good planning, a vegan lifestyle is normally healthier than the standard diet meals. In fact, some countries that have the usual American Diet have increased the occurrences of heart attacks, cancer and hypertension among their people.

For example, in a 1996 report of the American Dietetic Association, vegan and vegetarian diets greatly reduced the risk of acquiring heart diseases, osteoporosis, kidney trouble, hypertension, obesity, colon most kinds of cancer such as in colon and lungs.

Advertisement promoting the food industry has resulted in the common belief that we need protein that only animal products can provide. However, we can also acquire protein from certain plant foods such as legumes, Soya products and nuts. Whole grains and fruits are also rich in protein. We are required to eat various kinds of protein foods every day to maintain a balance in our body.

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans are very low in fat and contain no cholesterol at all. These foods are also rich in fiber and nutrients. Vegans usually get all proteins that our body needs from legumes such as beans and peanuts, grains such as corn and rice. Spinach, lima beans, and broccoli contain fortified juices and Soya milk that are rich sources of calcium. Some vegetables and beans such as chickpeas, pinto beans and spinach are also iron rich and a high source of Vitamin B12.

A vegan diet is usually rewarding because of variety. A vegan usually has vegetables, a satiable amount of green salads, whole grain products, nuts, seeds and legumes. However, diabetic patients who are in a vegan lifestyle should not eat fruits because fructose or fruit sugar can also increase our blood sugar in a way. Once accustomed in the vegan diet, some people had also decreased weight. They also had more energy and finer skin complexion.

Is it hard to be a vegan? It can be if you are the only person in your family who wants to go through this lifestyle diet. It can also be hard to switch to a vegan lifestyle if you would immediately aim for high standards in the beginning of the regimen.

Some vegans have totally cut-out meat from the beginning but they can still enjoy their normal food diet by substituting foods. You can also have a vegetable burger, or a vegetarian pizza or bean burritos instead of using meat.

Here are some usual foods that you can eat if you want a vegan diet:

1. Stir-fry chopped vegetables
2. Orange juice
3. Almond butter
4. Almond milk
5. Whole wheat bread
6. Lentil soup
7. Cereal
8. Oatmeal
9. Hummus
10. Falafel
11. Macaroni
12. Apples
13. Dates
14. Acai Berry
15. Guacamole Salad
16. Unrefined popcorn
17. Baked Beans (non-meat)
18. Vegetable Salad
19. Tomato Salad
20. Veggie Burger
21. Vegetarian Pizza
22. Beans Burritos

Some diabetic patients but are also vegan need to be slow in eating sweet fruits and desserts such as fruit smoothies and banana split. You can also enjoy tofu lasagna and other veggie meats such as vegetable bologna, soy hot dogs and such.


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